6 weeks-12 months

Our babies feel safe, secure, and happy In this classroom, the children will enjoy A warm, family oriented nurturing environment Stimulating activities with educational toys One on one care from the infant caregiver
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13 months-24 months

The toddlers are growing and learning so we channel their energy into positive learning moments. In this classroom the children will enjoy Age appropriate activities including Kreative Kurriculum and Krafts Educational Toys Learn to explore and discover through learning activities that stimulate their developmental needs.

25 months-36 months

The Preschoolers are on the journey toward elementary and future academic success through active and hands on early childhood learning experiences. In the classroom the children will Build confidence and independence Collaboration and communication skills Hands on learning Literacy and number concepts


Summer Camp starts on Monday, June 6 to July 29. Summer Camp is only for children ages 3 to 5 years old. Summer Camp is $150.00 per week. This includes all field trips and meals. Sign up is limited so please sign up no later than May 20th. Summer Camp calendars will be given out once your child is registered. A $25.00 registration fee is required to hold a slot for your child. The fee will cover your child’s summer camp T-shirt, water bottle, and bag.


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$65.00 (includes daycare uniforms, daycare T-shirt, learning materials)

(6 weeks-12months) $180.00

(13 months-24 months) $160.00

(3 year old’s) – $130.00, $35 per day

(4 & 5 year old’s) – $120.00

(6am-7:30pm) $60.00 with transportation to school -$80.00

(2:30pm-6:30pm) $65.00 with transportation from school- $85.00

$115.00 with transportation to and from school


 $ 150.00/week (include files trips)

$ 50.00 per night, $150/week(7:00 pm – 7:00 am)

after 6:00 pm, $1.00 per minute will be expected at the time of pick up

Our Healthy Meals